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Reply. Promptly.

Reply. Promptly.

Simple and easy to use email analytics software with actionable insights.

Simple and easy-to-use email analytics software with actionable insights.

Improve customer service and sales performance.

Boost customer retention rates by up to 10% with Promptly.

78% of leads choose the first contact. Don't miss out on sales.

68% reduction in email response times with Promptly.

Measure your customer service and sales email performance with real-time data.

Supercharge your sales

Focus on high-priority leads to improve the efficiency of your sales team.

Never miss an email

Analyse email volume and response time with real-time reporting.

Boost team morale

Monitor workloads, support staff and create a positive working environment.

Average response time
Complete inbox transparency

Email analytics. In real-time.

Integrate directly into Microsoft Outlook and Google Mail, so you can measure how quickly staff are responding to customer's emails.

Microsoft 365 and Google Mail analytics.

Integrate Promptly with your Microsoft Outlook and Google Mail account in under 5 minutes!
Intelligent email insights

Track teams. Delight customers.

Identify high-volume inboxes. Pinpoint peak times, and distribute workloads efficiently. Support areas that need it, without leaving your customers hanging.

Frequently Asked Questions.

You sure can! View statistics and compare the performance of teams and individuals.

Promptly integrates seamlessly with your email provider, so you’ll see real-time updates whenever new emails are received or sent.

Real easy! Once you’ve signed up you’ll be prompted to integrate your Outlook and or Google Mail accounts. Select the inboxes you wish to use and you’re all set!

With Promptly you can filter “end-of-thread” messages (messages that conclude an interaction), and create rules to exclude emails from your data – based on sender, email address, or other keywords.

It will! Email response monitoring helps you lower response times and delight more customers. This in turn gives your employees much more job satisfaction; a real win-win for everybody! 

Promptly captures only crucial information necessary for calculating metrics from your emails, and it never accesses or retains the email content. You can also delete this information at any time.

All the captured data is stored safely and securely on AWS in London region based servers.

Supercharge your sales.